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Serving customers in fourteen states

FAIC is pleased to provide insurance coverage to customers in multiple states across the US.

Serving the Community for over 50 Years

For more than 50 years, First Acceptance Insurance Company (FAIC) has underwritten and serviced insurance and related products sold by Acceptance Insurance and Independent Agents.

FAIC has experience you can trust, and team members who are ready to help!

Insurance is a tricky subject, but we are here for you! Help is always at hand. Speak to our customer care for any assistance, needed.

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What Our Customers Say About Us

They were the cheapest when I was looking for quotes on auto insurance. Decent price, really easy to speak with someone and handle all necessary questions and concerns. Easy to pay online. Recommend and will continually use on any and all of my vehicles.
Rami H
This is a five star company. I wish I found them sooner. Lovely group of people to work with. Willing to help with any issue. So nice and have pleasant attitudes.
Stacey H
Best service, if they didn't consistently keep my policy up to date I would easily have doubled or tripled my bills again. I lost a lot because people didn't pay attention to their jobs. I have been accommodated especially when they know I will forget but they keep my payments down because they do a wonderful job at managing my accounts. That must be how really rich people get treated and thanks for keeping money in my pocket so I can feel rich even if it's only for a few minutes at a time.
Troy B

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