Roadside Assistance

There’s never a good time to be left stranded by a vehicle, whether it’s from a dead battery, flat tire or discovering that your keys are locked inside the car, just as you’re ready to leave. First Acceptance has partnered with Nation Safe Drivers to offer membership plans for a road side assistance program, Towbusters and Towbusters Plus, so our customers can turn to a reputable and affordable roadside assistance provider during these stressful, unplanned situations.

What roadside assistance services does Towbusters cover? 

Nation Safe Drivers’ basic Towbusters plan, the lowest cost option, offers several emergency road services throughout the US, Canada and Puerto Rico. When you are in need, the road side assistance provider will dispatch an emergency service vehicle to your location, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

These services include: 

Mechanical First Aid - Any service requiring a minor adjustment (exclusive of parts) to enable the vehicle to proceed under its own power.  

Emergency towing for up to 25 miles when your vehicle cannot be started.  

Emergency fluid delivery - Delivery of an emergency supply of gasoline, oil, or water and other accessories. You only pay for the cost of the supplies. 

Emergency tire service - Changing an inflated spare from mount to wheel for you.  

Emergency battery service - Attempt to boost batteries and perform minor adjustments to starters, alternators, etc. while on the road.  

Lost key or lockout service - If you are accidentally locked out of your covered vehicle, the provider will dispatch service to help you gain access to the passenger compartment of your car. 

Can I add other roadside services to my Towbuster plan? 

Towbusters Plus offers additional services for a minimal additional cost above the basic Towbusters plan. You will enjoy all the benefits of the basic Towbusters roadside assistance plan, but have added protection that includes Legal Fee Reimbursement. Drivers listed on the membership plan registration could be reimbursed for certain non-reckless vehicle citations: 

  • $100 per paid citation with a maximum of 2 per year.   
  • $200 for legal representation in court related to a covered citation with a maximum of 1 per year.  
  • $250 for defensive driving course expenses related to a covered citation with a maximum of 1 per year. 

These Towbusters Plus benefits are often not covered by other roadside assistance companies, and First Acceptance is proud to offer this excellent Nation Safe Drivers membership plan to our valued customers.  

Roadside Assistance is not an insurance product, it is a membership plan. All membership plans are administered by Nation Motor Club, LLC. dba Nation Safe Drivers (NSD). 

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